Reports of Missing Pets Increase after Weekend Storm

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The rain came in with a force this weekend and damaged a number of homes and properties. In College Station, College Station Utilities reported nearly 7,000 of their customers lost power, and similar flooding and water problems meant a delay in restoration. For many, power was out as long as 11 hours.

Creeks that overflowed even washed out fences in many Bryan neighborhoods which caused dozens of pets to go missing. We're hearing reports of more than two dozen animals that are missing across in just Bryan and College Station alone after the storm ripped through the area. In South College Station around Graham Road and Victoria Avenue, entire fences are scattered across yards and destroyed, which gave scared pets an opportunity to run. Many pet owners and concerned citizens have turned to the Brazos Lost and Found Pets Facebook Page in hopes to find them.

Brazos Valley Lost and Found Pets serves not just the Brazos Valley, but surrounding communities in Robertson, Madison, Grimes, Washington, and Burleson counties and extending to other larger cities. The organization is comprised of a group of volunteers, affiliated with Wildfire Pet Rescue.

Heather Mathewson is the founder of the group and said volunteers at both Bryan and College Station animal shelters were very busy fielding phone calls and trying to get missing animals back to their rightful owners. Mathewson said a majority of people were reporting dogs missing in the South College Station area Sunday morning.

"You hear the stories of just how many people's fences that went down from the storms and the flooding that caused more problems with fences and structures, so I would say it was probably a three-fold increase than normal,” Mathewson said.

"I had a Bryan woman contact me after floodwaters came into her backyard and knocked over her whole fence. They had assumed that due to the level of the water the dogs had been washed away with the floodwaters. On Sunday night someone found one of the dogs all the way by Academy and the Highway 6 bypass," said Mathewson. "

Mathewson said dogs aren't the only animals that go missing when the storms hit.

"Cats go outside or are outside cats go missing a lot of the times because they get scared so they'll chew their way out," Mathewson said. "Pretty much with every storm there is always a huge surge with pets going missing. I get the messages; the shelters get the messages and all of these reports of missing pets."

People can either post directly on to the Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook, or directly message Heather Mathewson if you need help finding your missing pet. Mathewson said you do not need a Facebook account to view the missing animals.

You can also contact the page owners directly at