Longtime Lawman Proud Of His Son's Heroism

Lt. Shawn Sayers (Courtesy: Fort Bend Constable's Office)
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Reserve Brazos County Officer Bubba Sayers gets choked up when he talks about what his son, Lieutenant Shawn Sayers, did Tuesday afternoon.

Sayers and Deputy Phil Crowell were on their way home to Navasota after working at Fort Bend County Constable’s office Tuesday when they saw an SUV flipped over in a flooded ditch. Troy Redwood was inside the truck upside down, trapped in his seatbelt, and gasping for air. Sayers says, "All I could see was his face. The rest of him was underwater and he was able to tell me I've been here awhile"

Redwood’s wife, Carolyn, says Troy hit a patch of water, spun out and was underwater for roughly 10 minutes. She says, "He yelled and tried to get attention, but no one could hear him.” Crowell controlled traffic while Sayers dove in the water, grabbed his pocket knife and cut Redwood free.

Bubba knows it’s an officer’s duty to serve and protect his community.
But when it’s your own son, you can’t help but to feel a tremendous sense of pride.

Redwood appears to be doing well and is back at work as a prison guard in the Houston area.