Residents: Capturing Flasher was Community Effort

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BRYAN, Texas A man accused of exposing himself in a Bryan neighborhood is behind bars, and the residents who helped to put him there say it was a community effort.

An Austin's Estates resident, who didn't want to reveal her name, said she was relaxing at home, just about to enjoy dinner with her family when she saw the suspect, Calvin Coffer walk into her back yard.

"The reason I knew who he was, and I said, that's the guy, is because I had recognized his description from the KBTX article online," said the resident, who asked to be called Tracy.

Early Wednesday morning, a woman told Bryan Police Coffer blocked her driveway with his van while he sat inside, touching himself. About an hour later, a jogger said Coffer followed her and exposed himself.

Tracy said her husband went outside to confront Coffer when he showed up in their yard.

"My husband came out and asked him if he could help him with anything," said Tracy. "He said I'm thirsty, my car broke down."

As her husband gave Coffer a drink of water, Tracy called police.

Coffer wandered off into some nearby woods, eventually coming across another home. In perhaps his biggest mistake of the night, Coffer knocked on the back door of Lieutenant Allan Baron with the Texas A&M Police Department.

"He said he had car trouble and needed some help. I told him he needed to go to my front porch immediately," said Baron.

Baron, who'd also recognized Coffer from coverage from KBTX, said he quickly called police, who were already on their way.

Coffer was caught and has since been charged with criminal trespass, driving with an invalid license and indecent exposure.

Baron said putting Coffer behind bars was a community effort.

"There were many people that took the time to call the police department. People in my neighborhood and other neighborhoods throughout the day, as well as KBTX taking the time to put this information on their website and to Tweet this information out to the community so they could be on the lookout," said Baron.

Tracy said her community has lost its sense of safety.

"People just feel different. And it's maybe a lack of safety, but maybe a feeling that things have changed," said Tracy. "And it's eye opening for my children that things are different in this world."

Despite his lengthy criminal history, including two more indecent exposure convictions, Coffer's current indecent exposure charge cannot be increased to a felony.