Residents Say No to Bryan Skate Parks

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BRYAN, Texas - A few parks of a different sort could be skating into Bryan soon, but not everyone is happy about it.

Deputy City Manager Hugh Walker said the city has about $1.2 million to spend on three skate and BMX parks in the Bryan area. The only question is where to put them.

"We believe there's a need," Said Walker. "We also looked at national trends and found that's one of the hottest growing markets in the nation."

The largest of the parks could take up to 20,000 square feet of space. Big enough to hold competitions.

When city officials formed the eight-person skate park committee, experts in the field were included.

"We have a couple of skaters and a biker that serves on the committee," said Walker.

The committee narrowed down the search to three locations. Williamson Park near the Bryan Golf Course, Sue Haswell Park off William J Bryan, and Buzz Hamilton Park near Boonville Road.

Hamilton park is mostly a nature trail and dog park, and people who live in the nearby Park Hudson subdivision said they're not happy about skaters and bikers disturbing the quiet park.

Park Hudson Developer William Lero said the city never consulted with him on the location choice, and he doesn't think it's a good idea.

Lero said Park Hudson is made up of mostly seniors and mature adults. People who don't typically enjoy skating.

In a statement, Lero said "In my opinion, to develop a Skate & BMX Bike Park in the middle of a Senior & Adult Community is not good City planning & not compatible with the neighborhood." He went on to say "I certainly think the City should listen to these people as to what they want in their neighborhood."

Walker said while nothing is set in stone, and they encourage public input, the Hamilton Park location could work.

"While there are some in Park Hudson that are probably not skating age, there's also the Wheeler Ridge, Copperfield area," said Walker. "And from what we've heard, there are skaters and bikers that do live in those communities."

A public meeting has been scheduled for August 20 at 7 p.m. inside council chambers.