Residents Say Recent Rain Brings Hope

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The rain is a refreshing surprise for many residents, and although this system isn't putting a dent in the drought, it is getting a lot of people excited and hopeful.

Dry, brown grass isn’t ideal for your yard or bank account.

"My water bill sometimes $30-$35. I've paid as much as $80 when there's no rain because it is either no grass or pay the water bill, so you have to pay the price,” said Candy Andrade, a local resident. "My grandkids were out playing in the rain because they haven't seen rain in so long they were enjoying the rain. My yard looks so much better. It is like the leaves and the grass look happy.">

The lack of rain has affected farmers.

"Some people around us are downsizing. They are selling cows,” said Meghan Elder who raises cattle. "You need it for the grass. If you don't have the grass you have to feed hay. If you are having to feed hay now, you are not going to have any for the winter.”

According to the National Weather Service, our area would need 9 to 12 inches of rain in a month to be out of a drought.