Residents Shop Bargains In College Station After Christmas

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In College Station many people were out braving the cold Wednesday afternoon as they took advantage of the day after Christmas sales. Shoppers stocked up on the deals.

For Jan Ward, it's a tradition to come out and shop for her family after Christmas.

"It's just a pleasure to see their faces light up and to see that I got what they wanted," said Ward.

The day after Christmas always seems to be busy, but it's not always people solely shopping.

"It is kind of overwhelming because there are so many people they just want to return everything and they want something else instead," said Puja Agarwal, a mall employee.

At Post Oak Mall shoppers are looking for good bargains, checking out, and walking about the mall.

Aly Sims received a new iPhone for Christmas.

"I needed a case for it so I didn't want to break it," said Sims.

Sims says it's a relief to shop without the crowds of people.

"I think they're better after Christmas because on Black Friday there's always so many people and nobody comes out the day after Christmas."

The parking lots may seem full, but inside many of the stores aren't seeing the hustle and bustle.

"I'm surprised it's not as busy as it usually is," said Cathryn Laza.

Workers at Target say prices are slashed 50 percent.

"I'm on a Christmas high and so I have lots of energy. This is my first stop of the day," said Laza.

Christmas 2013 is now 364 days away, but shoppers are already stocking up for next year.