Residents Upset about Unfinished County Road Work

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Some College Station residents are fed up with a stretch of road near Wellborn that's been blocked off for months.

Matthew Carl lives in the Meadow Creek Subdivision. He said he and many of his neighbors use the stretch of I & GN Road, near William D. Fitch and Wellborn, every day to get to work. Since October of last year, that's been impossible.

"There's no actual work being done," said Carl. "The road isn't impassable, it's just blocked off by these big piles of dirt."

Carl said he doesn't mind taking a detour to work, but he'd like to see something done.

"I usually use this road to get to work. Now I have to go out to South Dowling and get on Wellborn Road," said Carl. "There's a lot more traffic on Wellborn Road."

County crews have since began heavy work along the road, but Alan Munger with the Brazos County Road and Bridge Department said the road hasn't been ignored.

Crews planned normal maintenance on the road in October, but soon realized it needed major reconstruction. Munger said the old, steel culverts had corroded, and were unsafe to drive on. The county had to conduct a flood study to determine the best replacement without increasing flood conditions for nearby homes.

Munger said the old culverts will be replaced with concrete box culverts. A section of the road will also be lowered and widened to make it safer to drive on, Munger said. The work should take several months to complete.

Munger said answers to road-work questions are just a click away on the Brazos County Website.

"They can see where we're working. There's also another link where they can send in a question for us, and we'll provide an answer," said Munger.

Munger said residents can also give them a call with road work questions at 979-822-2127.

For more information on the Brazos County website, click on the link added to this story.