Road Improvements Coming Soon to Highway 6 in College Station

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BRAZOS COUNTY - Traffic engineers have the green light for a big improvement project for the Earl Rudder Freeway in College Station that's meant to improve safety and make the trip a little quieter.

TxDOT says a four mile stretch of the highway between FM 60 and Rock Prairie Road is slated for upgrades. The $1.4 million project involves installing something known as 'Permeable Friction Course', or PFC, on the Main lanes of the road. It's a material that was recently installed along Highway 6 in an area stretching from Brazos County to Hearne. TxDOT says PFC reduces the risk of hydroplaning, road splashing, and improves the ride by making things smoother and reducing road noise.

Thursday the Texas Transportation Commission today approved the work, which is all part of an effort by TxDOT to improve conditions for commerce and travel. Construction is expected to start this summer, and hopefully completed by fall. Some traffic re-routing is also expected.