Storms Put Damper on Road Repairs from Previous Rains

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas As rains drenched areas in Brazos County Wednesday, road crews trying to make repairs from the last rainfall in the area were forced to put their work on hold.

Officials with the Brazos County Road and Bridge Department said there are still four roads around the College Station area that still need work. Two of those roads were left so severely damaged from recent heavy rains, they remain closed.

A section of Sandpiper Cove in the Nantucket subdivision off Highway 6 collapsed. Officials with the Road and Bridge department said it was because the culvert pipes underneath the street were corrugated metal and corroded. The flow of water from the rains proved to be too much, causing the culvert to fail and the street above to collapse.

David Ogden has been living along Sandpiper Cove since 1992. The road closure has forced him and some of his neighbors to drive a different route to get out of the neighborhood. Ogden said so far, it hasn't been too much of a problem.

"They came out quickly, they spotted the problem quickly. I don't know if someone called it in, but they came out here and cordoned off the road pretty quickly."

Alan Munger with Road and Bridge said the old pipes have been removed, but they're waiting for better weather before they can finish the job.

The same goes for a section of Straub Road near FM 2154. Munger said the pipes underneath the road also corroded. Most of the work is complete, but until better weather comes through, drivers are forced to find an alternate route.

Munger said his department noticed two more roads with corroding corrugated metal pipes. One is along Pipeline Road, and another along Peach Creek Cutoff Road near the Texas World Speedway off Highway 6.

Munger said all the old corrugated metal piping will be replaced with either steel reinforced polyethylene pipes or double wall polypropylene storm pipe.

Bob Colwell with the Texas Department of Transportation said roads that fall under their authority suffered no major damage.