Roans Prairie Post Office Closing

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Settlers began arriving to the area now known as Roans Prairie in Grimes County during the 1830's, but it wasn't until the mid 1840's that the town actually began to develop and with that of that development, a post office opened.

While residents have grown accustomed to regular and convenient mail service, managing mail service for some is proving to be something they don't want to write home about.

You don't see a population total on the sign for Roans Prairie because that part of Grimes County is unincorporated, but the numbers that do define this small piece of the Brazos Valley are 77875, a zip code that defines a small rural post office where friends and neighbors stop by to pick up more than just their mail.

Longtime customer, Joanne Floyd says, "I catch up all the town's news or there's people coming in and out while I'm here."

And for most of the 80 or so customers, a quick trip to this quaint country post office, is anything but a quick stop for their correspondence.

Kathrine Brown says, "Usually it's between 30 or 45 minutes because we love to associate with Lois."

For Joanne Floyd, she says her trip to the post office, "Probably 15 to 20 minutes, just because I visit."

For others who stop by, there's a chair where they read their mail all while catching up on the latest happenings -- the burn ban, a good book or if you're in the market for a fire truck, you might get a good tip on where you could buy one. But Friday, all this comes to an end. The Roans Prairie's post office will forever close and lock the squeaky door customers have walked through for years.

"It's very sad because Lois has been a family to us and this is the only place we call Roans Prairie," says Kathrine Brown.
Now, locals believe Roans Prairie will be identified by the steady flow of traffic that'll stop at the one and only four-way stop sign near the town's two stores.

"It's like home, it's like visiting with your neighbors. That's what we miss, we'll miss visiting with our neighbors," says Joanne Floyd.

The neighbors, they will still be there, they just won't have this place to post up. U.S. Postal officials say the Roans Prairie facility is a Community Post Office that's run by a contract employee and since CPO's no longer exist, now that Lois Koenig, he postmaster is retiring, they will no longer staff the facility. Meanwhile, customers choosing to pick up their mail in Anderson, they'll still keep their same post office box number and the zip code will remain the same.