Robertson Co. Paramedic Honored for Local Humanitarian Efforts

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First responders and our local Heroes were honored today during the The Brazos Valley’s 6th Annual Trauma & Acute Care Symposium; but one paramedic in particular stood out

Their efforts behind bright lights often times go unnoticed; but not on this day.

“It is my extreme honor to present the Acute Care Provider award to Ms. Nicole Braly,” said Robertson County EMS Chief Chris Lamb.

Friday afternoon Nicole Braly, a veteran paramedic and Assistant Chief of Robertson County EMS, was awarded for her humanitarian efforts.

“She goes above and beyond, and I mean every day,” said Lamb.

There is a story behind the award that Nicole Braly was honored with Friday afternoon; and it all started about year ago when she responded to a 911 call on Sutton Road in Hearne.

“We responded to a welfare call,” said Braly. “A neighbor was concerned, and we transported him to the hospital; and just listening to his stories on the way there, I just couldn’t help but want to help him. You have a man who has worked hard his whole life for everything, and by no fault of his own, people take advantage of that and he's the one who pays for it; and it just infuriated me that someone would do that.”

Braly learned the 85-year-old’s health had severely declined and with no family, he was all alone. But the day after, then -- 85-year-old Hans Becker -- returned home he'd soon find out he would no longer be alone.

“I just can’t imagine someone living the way he was living; he had some rental properties and sometimes his tenants would check on him, but they started taking advantage of his finances; and he had absolutely zero control,” said Braly. “He was extremely malnourished; no one would bring him fresh food; and so I asked him if I could help him, and he said yes.”

“Every day ever since I've had my family come over and we're trying to get his property cleaned up,” Braly said.

There would no longer be days without food; medical care; or soiled laundry.

“It’s nice to see that he's actually gained some weight,” added Braly. “There’s just something about him; and he’s really just become a part of our family, (laughs) whether he likes it or not.”

Mr. Becker says he's thankful Braly nourished him back to life.

“If it weren’t for her, I’d be six feet under,” added Becker. “If you can find someone you can trust; that's the big thing -- and someone who doesn’t want to take advantage of you -- and actually do it from the heart -- that's what I found in her.”

“Award, no award, I'll still be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day until he told me he doesn’t want me around anymore,” Braly laughed.

And if you're lucky enough to meet her one day, she just might change your life too.

Robertson County EMS received “EMS Service of the year” for the third year in a row. Nicole’s husband Patrick Braly is the Director of St. Joseph EMS; Friday afternoon he was awarded with “EMS Director of the year.”