Cooler Leads to Arrest in Robertson County Burglary

Joshua Lee Soliz, 23, is being held on theft and burglary charges. Photo Courtesy of Robertson County Sheriff's office.
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ROBERTSON COUNTY - A Robertson County couple was burglarized, but a twist of evidence in the case that brought the crook to justice.

In any rural area, you're away from everything.

You're safe here.

"The nearest neighbors are on top of the hill," said Billy Baker of his quiet neighborhood.

"We've been here 20 years and this is the first time we've had anything big."

Some may not even lock their doors.

"Didn't have to, wasn't worried about nobody getting it."

Baker and his wife, Sylvia, live a simple life on 24 acres.

But one day in July...

"They just pulled the drawers open and took them out."

They were burglarized.

$10,000 worth of tools, and more.

Not all burglaries have a happy ending, but this one does because...of an ice chest.

"It had Fowler Transportation's name on it."

The crooks probably realized that was a problem...they went so far as to try to scrape the logo off the ice chest.

"You're going to slip up sooner or later, and that's what they did," Baker said.

The Bakers say police had been looking at 23-year-old Joshua Soliz for other area crimes, and the ice chest allegedly in his possession helped put him behind bars.

"I'm just glad I didn't catch them...I'm not really going to say what I would have done, but I would have done something."

Billy is getting cameras, fences...even a bigger dog.

His wife isn't taking any chances, either.

"I'm an old country girl that knows how to use this gun," Sylvia said.

"If you live around out in the country, you better start locking it up because they are everywhere. It's not just here. It's everywhere you go," Billy said.