Robertson Gets Life in Prison for 2010 CS Murder; Jury Deliberates 21 Hours

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Stanley Robertson has been sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for the August 2010 murder of Annie Toliver in College Station.

At least ten of the 12 jurors decided there were mitigating circumstances in the defendant's life that warranted the life sentence over death.

Tuesday afternoon, the jury announced it had "deadlocked" on the second question of their charge: whether Robertson was mentally retarded.

To get to the second question, jurors would have had to unanimously decide Robertson was a future danger.

Obviously, they eventually answered the mental retardation question as a unanimous "no, he is not" in order to move to the third and final question. By virtue of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the mentally retarded cannot be executed.

In the end, it took 21 hours from start to finish over three days to reach the last conclusion: at least ten jurors thinking something from Robertson's life warranted a life sentence over the death penalty the prosecution sought.

All 12 jurors would have had to have thought there were no mitigating circumstances for death to be imposed.

Wednesday was the seventeenth day of the trial.

Robertson was found guilty on February 7 of the kidnapping and stabbing death of Annie Toliver, his ex-girlfriend's mother, in August 2010. Robertson told that ex and authorities he killed Toliver because the ex wasn't there for him, including after a July 2010 arrest for allegedly putting a knife to the ex's throat in front of her kids and holding her hostage. Toliver's body was dumped in Fort Worth, and Robertson ended up intentionally crashing his SUV into a Fort Worth police officer's car during a chase.

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