Victim's Daughter, Police Testify in Robertson Murder Trial

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The ex-girlfriend of Stanley Robertson whose mother was allegedly murdered by him provided emotional testimony Tuesday morning in Robertson's capital murder trial.

Tammy Toliver testified about a domestic dispute in July 2010 that led to her ending her two-year relationship with Robertson. He bonded out of jail August 1 of that year, and on August 13, placed a call to Tammy saying he had taken her mother, Annie Toliver.

Robertson allegedly took Annie and her son Curtis to the Walmart under the guise that he was getting money for their family. Instead, surveillance video showed Robertson ditching Curtis in the store and returning to the parking lot, where he allegedly attacked Annie while she sat in their SUV.

Tammy testified that Robertson told her he was taking Annie as revenge for Tammy not visiting him in jail or being there when he bonded out. Robertson said taking Annie was the next best thing if he couldn't hurt Tammy.

Annie Toliver was found dead in a parking lot in southeast Fort Worth.

Monday, lawyers for the 45-year-old defendant said the evidence clearly shows their client murdered Annie Toliver, dumped her body, then led police on a chase that ended with Robertson crashing the SUV into a patrol car on the west side of Fort Worth. However, the defense team hopes to convince the Brazos County jury that there is reasonable doubt that a kidnapping occurred.

The prosecution, on the other hand, contends that the Toliver was clearly kidnapped and murdered by Robertson, which is capital murder and makes Robertson eligible for the death penalty. The State of Texas would argue for that in punishment if they secure a capital murder conviction.

Also testifying Tuesday morning was a local hostage negotiator who spoke multiple times with Robertson as he and Annie Toliver were on the road. Recordings of the conversation put an agitated Robertson on display, with him repeating many of the same claims reportedly made to Tammy Toliver, including that it was her fault this was happening.

However, Robertson lied to both Tammy Toliver and authorities when he said he was going to bring Annie back to College Station, and that he had a gun.

Toliver was stabbed 30 times and died of blood loss.

Jurors saw dashcam video from Fort Worth Police of the chase Robertson led them on. There were also crime scene photos and video from both the crash site and the shopping center where Toliver's body was eventually found.

Wednesday, testimony concerning the autopsy of Toliver and the DNA testing in the case is expected. The prosecution may conclude their case, and the jury could hear closing arguments and begin deliberations as early as Thursday morning.

The trial will continue at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday.

Tammy Toliver testifies