The Rocket Helps Fulfill Christmas Wish for Colby Bachmann

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BRYAN, Texas -- Christmas Day without your dad is something many folks have to deal with every year, but that first Holiday season has to be rough.

That's the case for Colby Bachmann this year, but some folks did their best to make his first Christmas without his father Brian around a little bit better.

A former Longhorn pitcher came to Texas A&M turf and joined forces with Aggie wide receiver Ryan Swope to help fulfill a Christmas wish for Colby Bachmann.

Brazos County District Clerk Mark Hamlin used the Constable connection to give Colby a chance to meet one of his baseball favorites, Roger Clemens.

"It was really cool," Bachmann said. "I don't have words to explain how awesome it was."

Clemens, who has personal experience, knows this Christmas will be a hard one for the family. "I mean, it's going to be a tough Christmas for him. Like I told him, I lost my dad at a very young age. But man, I tell you what, Colby is more mature than his age."

Swope swapped cell numbers with Colby, and said he had an open invitation to join him on the Coolidge Grass Practice Fields. "It's a privilege to be here and to be here for Colby and to honor his dad, it's an honor to be here."

Clemens took time to make sure everybody knew the real heroes in the room, the law enforcement officers, like Constable Brian Bachmann.

"I played 24 years in the major leagues and I consider myself a team player," Clemens said to Colby. "But your dad and all these guys that make us feel safe at home they're the real team players. You're talking about a team."

The Rocket handed out autographed gear to Colby, his sister Caitlyn, and mom Donna. During the course of the meeting they found out they are on opposite sides of the plate when it comes to the game they love.

Colby: "I used to play ball but I umpire now."
Clemens: "You're doing the umpiring? Give me some! I need you to widen that strike zone now. I know that plate's 17 inches, but I like it out there a little bit.
Colby: "20!"
Clemens: "There you go!"

"I sure hope that now that he knows I'm an umpire he will respect them now," Colby hoped.

"I thought it was great that he's umpiring and we look forward to getting him to Houston, maybe see a baseball game down there," Clemens added. "I'll have to take him to the umpires room I guess."