Rotary Welcomes Group Study Exchange Group From the Caribbean

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As the Rotary Group Study Exchange team from the British Virgin Islands tours Bryan/College Station, they're learning a lot about what life in Texas is all about.

"We have been immersed in culture and it's a different culture," said group member Shoneda Leacock.

This is Leacock's first trip to the Lone Star State and she's comes from an island that's only 13 miles long.

"A lot of people think it's mai tais, sitting on the beach, relaxing, and putting up your feet. I mean we have that but we're business professionals. We don't get to enjoy that, that much."

"We do this to promote understanding between people of different countries,"said Rotary member John Delaney.

Delaney is guiding the team around our part of the state and so far...

"Our group is impressed as usual with Texas hospitality," said Delaney.

And that has included eating some unusual food that is comparable to the uniqueness of the islands.

"While you guys go alligator and crawfish, we do mutton and pork. We eat pig tails and we eat the fish with the head on," said Leacock.

But one thing Shoneda really wanted to happen in College Station didn't come true.

"I didn't get to meet Johnny," said Leacock.

"You guys know who Johnny Football is in the Caribbean," I asked.

"Of course we do! We follow American football as well as regular football," said Leacock.

I guess some things are universal.

Now a team from our area will be heading to the British Virgin Islands for four weeks to participate in the group study exchange and next year the exchange will send them to Brazil.

If you're interested in applying to be a part of the 2014 Rotary GSE team headed to Brazil, we've got a link to the application below.