Rudder High School Holds Gymnastics Meet

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Rudder High School in Bryan flipped out on Friday.

It held an invitational gymnastic meet for 7 high schools.

That included Highland Park High School, Saginaw High School, Kingwood High School, Round Rock High School, A&M Consolidated High School, College Station High School, and host, Rudder High School.

This is the 25th year for the meet.

Results for Boys: 1. Saginaw 2. Rudder 3. Round Rock
Results for Girls: 1. Round Rock 2. Highland Park 3. Kingwood

Rudder Gymanstics Coach J.T. Fletcher says this gave the teams a chance to warm-up for their district, regional, and state meets.

The BCS Gymnastics Club and BISD Gymnastics are also holding a meet and fundraiser on Saturday at the Rudder High School Gymnastics Gym for 280 students from across Texas.