Rudder Rangerettes Prepare For Cotton Bowl Halftime Show

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While most high schoolers are focused on the upcoming Christmas break, the Rudder Rangerettes are concentrating on staying in synch.

While the high school football season may be over, the Rangerettes aren't done dancing. In fact, they're getting ready for a performance they'll remember forever-halftime at the Cotton Bowl.

"This is almost a once in a high school time experience," said Junior Abby Kurwitz.

Kurwitz is the captain of the squad that found out last February they'd be a part of the Cotton Bowl festivities.

"Well one, there was screaming," said Kurwitz when the team found out.

"It's phenomenal, I'm so excited," said senior Connor Hancock

Hancock is another one of the 17 Rangerettes that will be high stepping it in Big D.

"It's kind of nerve wrecking knowing we'll be performing in front of so many people," said Hancock.

The team will perform a four minutes routine with six other drill teams from all over the country. Even though it's not a long performance, the team wants to be perfect.

"It is a lot of stress, but I think the girls can handle it,"said Kurwitz

"We're kind of used to it as dancers. We hold hour long practices that lead up to a two and half minute performance," said Hancock.

"We just think about it as a performance, not about how much time it is. Just the fact we get to be at Jerry's World and performing,"said Kurwitz

And to top it off, the Rudder Rangerettes won't be the only team at the Cotton Bowl representing the Brazos Valley. When A&M got the invite to game, the Rangerettes were pleasantly surprised.

"Just to be there with our team, it's amazing. It's awesome,"said Kurwitz

"Finding out that A&M was going was just the cherry on top," said Hancock.

Apparently life couldn't be much sweeter for the Rangerettes.

The team went to New York this past November to perform at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade