SEC Visitors Create Economic Boom for BCS Area

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COLLEGE STATION- Thousands of visitors are flooding into Kyle Field for the games and are bringing in millions of dollars to the community.

"It was crazy," said Shannon Overby, the President and CEO of the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau. "It was a great turnout."

The Aggies are ready for their fourth home game in a row, but even with the loss to number one Alabama, it was a win for Bryan-College Station.

Overby says the start to the SEC season has surpassed their economic expectations.
"I think that has given us some national recognition so it certainly is bringing in more visitors, more Aggies and more SEC visitors to come in to see my community," Overby said.

And this weekend is no different.

"It's already proven to be a really good weekend for us," Overby said. "We sold out all of the hotels in Bryan-College Station and surrounding communities."

With the flood of visitors into the area, Overby said the cities have made well over $25 million this far into the season; and as of September 1, even raised the Hotel Occupancy Tax 30 percent. Now the tax is 15.75 percent; so on a $100 room you are going to pay $115.75.

"That additional three-quarters goes to help fund Kyle Field," she said.

The sales tax is also up from last season. Overby said this benefits us as residents. "It keeps our property taxes lower," she said.

She said the home of the 12th Man is now known to the nation as a friendly city and hopes the positive economic trend will continue throughout year. "We want to make sure we go above and beyond and show them true Texas hospitality," Overby said.