SHSU Ranks Third in Employment After Graduation

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The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has ranked Sam Houston State University third out of 38 public Texas four-year universities for graduates obtaining employment after receiving their Bachelor's degree in the 2012 edition of The Texas Higher Education 2012 Almanac.

SHSU President Dana L. Gibson, did not seem surprised by the report and commented that, “Sam Houston continues to educate the Texas workforce by providing a quality education.”

Currently, almost 70 percent of those who receive their bachelor degree at Sam Houston find work within the next year, and another five percent have found work while continuing their education at a Texas graduate or professional school. These numbers do not include those who have left Texas to work, but THECB has said that the out-of-state numbers will be added in the future.

THECB also included in their report the employment rate for each major at Sam Houston. The baccalaureate majors that had a 100 percent employment rate were: Radio and Television; Public Relations/Image Management; Industrial Technology/Technician; Operation Management and Supervision and Electrical; Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician.

The baccalaureate majors that had an 85-99 percent employment rate were: General Agriculture; Agriculture Mechanization; Foods, Nutritions, and Wellness Studies; Banking and Financial Support Studies; Human Resources Management/Personal Administration; and Fashion Merchandising.

The baccalaureate majors that had an employment rate below 40 percent were: Philosophy and Applied Physics.