St. Joseph Health System to join Catholic Health Network

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Sylvania Franciscan Health, which operates the St. Joseph Health System in the Brazos Valley, announced Wednesday that Colorado-based Catholic Health Initiatives is in the process of acquiring them.

Saint Joseph has been working for more than a year to find the right partner to move forward in the new era of patient care. The Sisters of Saint Francis created a strong foundation of superior heathcare with Sylvania Francisca Health.

If the new partnership is finalized, President and CEO Odette Bolano says it will only strengthen Saint Joseph's mission to serve through the ministry and improve the quality of life of people in the community.
"In today's world of health care, clinical integration, population management and being able to be relevant in a market is important. So, we were looking for the same type of organization that had the same values and mission that we do."

We're told patients won't see any visual changes during the transition.
Bolano says it's still too early to know if this will create or eliminate jobs.

Sylvania Franciscan Health and Catholic Health Initiatives are negotiating the terms of the agreement with hopes of reaching a deal by this Fall.