Sales Tax Revenues Increase in College Station

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The City of College Station said there has been a sales tax revenue increase compared to last year around this time.

In Fiscal 2011, there was only a five percent increase in the first two months of October and November, and this year, there is a nine percent increase, which amounts to $300,000.

Overall, there's a $21 million increase in sales tax revenue from last year.

People are out shopping and parking lots are filling up.

Sales at Layne's Chicken have been up $2,000 in the past few months.

"Since Kyle Field is right there, this location will be out the door with people flowing and will be very, very busy for several hours," said John Ferguson at Layne's.

Visitors have come into Aggieland for the SEC football season and other events. When people visit here, they stay in hotels, shop, eat at restaurants and help our local businesses.

The City of College Station has seen a growth in sales tax revenue.

A certain amount goes back to the city, says Executive Director of Business Services Jeff Kersten.

"The city provides services for the citizens and visitors of College Station, whether it's public safety services or having good streets to drive on or having good parks to play and take your kids to," Kersten said.

And local business owners say the economy is getting better. Jarrad McCleod says business at the Sleep Station is booming.

"About half a million bucks over the past year and a half or so," he explained. "It's been a blessing and trying to keep up has been difficult, but it's put us in a position where we can expand."

Expansion is on the horizon in College Station as growth and opportunity come to the city.