Sam Houston State University Receives National Recognition

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Sam Houston State University has earned a spot on the List of National Register of Historic Places. Austin Hall is the oldest college building in Texas, having been built in 1852. It's been a mainstay in Huntsville for more than one hundred fifty years.

Austin Hall is recognized as being home to the first law school in Texas. Austin Hall has cultivated intelligent students who have gained a valuable education.

"I've always wanted to go inside. I love old houses and I've been able to just peek through the window. I've seen other people peek through the windows, but its kinda like this big whole mystery that what's inside Austin Hall," said Jordan LeVasseur.

Students walk through campus and go on after they graduate, but Austin Hall has been a mainstay for over a century and a half.

"It's wonderful that we have the oldest building in higher education located here in Huntsville," said Huntsville Mayor Mac Woodward.

Huntsville Mayor Mac Woodward, also a historian, is proud of the rich history in his town.

"It's here because of the enthusiasm and the support of the people here in Huntsville," said Woodward.

Austin Hall is honored on the National List of Historic places.

General Sam Houston helped dedicate the building when it was first constructed.

Mary Holland says that after recently being restored, the hall is now used as a meeting place for different events.

She gave us a tour of the building as if we were walking through time.

"They had to have larger rooms to accommodate the larger dresses that the women wore and to be able to move through the hallways," said Holland.

Students are proud to call this university their home.

"I think it's really good that the campus has a whole lot of history it kind of makes it enriching to be here," said LeVasseur.

As students move on after graduation, they have the opportunity to engrave their names in the bricks that line Austin hall, leaving their mark on history.