Sandy Aftermath Includes Replacing Millions Of Dollars In Equipment

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The recovery process after Sandy hit the northeastern part of the nation includes more than just rebuilding, it could mean replacing millions of dollars in equipment.

All seven of the tunnels under the East River were flooded in the storm, but the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that three of these would be clear by tomorrow.

The problem is the salt water has already started corroding critical infrastructure.

Tony Alotto, the director of the Texas public work's emergency response team, is based out of College Station.

"Unfortunately that salt water has already started doing the damage. You've already started getting the corrosion and that corrosion is going to start showing up in additional outages,” said Alotto.

He had to deal with Hurricane Ike back in 2008 that damaged much of Galveston Island.

From his experience, he says eventually all equipment that's been flooded will have to be replaced.

Alotto says his team is on alert and ready to deploy to the northeast if needed.