Santa Surprises 4-Year-Old in Navasota

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A Navasota family made a special plea to Santa to bring Christmas to them one month early this year.

That’s because 4-year-old Jace Jablonski will be recovering from open-heart surgery this Christmas.

“I can't explain it to him just yet. That's the hardest thing being a mom, knowing something this major is going to happen to him,” said Bobbi Jablonski, Jace’s mom.

Bobbi says she always knew her son had a hot temper and high blood pressure, but no one told her Jace’s heart had a murmur until his four year old check-up.

“…his legs would get tired and the last couple months he would say his heart would hurt,” said Bobbi.

Just after Jace's fourth birthday, doctors told the Jablonski’s that Jace has a hole in his heart, a missing valve, a leaking artery, among other things.

“It’s just really starting to hit home. After the surgery you can't run, you can't jump, you can't lift stuff over two or three pounds. It’s completely different,” said Jablonski. “If we don't get it fixed, we're looking at heart attacks at 8-9 years old, strokes, aneurysms…”

Doctors say Jace already has to avoid public places, because getting sick could be life threatening.
After the surgery, it's more important than ever to stay away from other and recover in doors.

So this year, Santa agreed to make a stop in Navasota a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Anyone who would like to help the Jablonski's financially can donate to an account set up at Citizens State Bank. The fund is under Jace Jablonski's name.

The family is also asking for blood donations for Jace's surgery. Anyone with O+ or O- blood types can give blood at any Gulf Coast Blood Center on November 27 in Jace's name.