Season Opener Boosts Local Economy

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Businesses in College Station experienced a big boost in sales days leading up to Saturday’s season opener against Rice. Hotels filled up, while bars and restaurants called in extra staff to assist with the bigger crowds.

“Starting on Wednesday we had people coming in for the game,” said Dustin Irwin, Assistant Manager at Logan’s in the Northgate District. The rush was seen all across town.

“We definitely staff up for any home game,” said Rob Worrall, Fox and Hound Managing Partner. “The attendance for this game has been a lot higher than it normally is.”

The game may have been sold out, but that doesn’t mean there was a lack of crowds around town. Many alumni came from all over the country to show their support in Aggieland. “I’m down here, I’m reliving college again, I guess you could say,” said Jason Wilburn, TAMU alumnus. “I’m ready to see the second half.”

Since Quarterback Johnny Manziel’s half game suspension was over, it’s not hard to believe that fans became more vocal as the second half got underway. In addition to cheers and smiles, News 3 witnessed Aggies singing the “Fight Song.”

“People are a lot more lively and you see a lot more maroon,” said Irwin.

As an Aggie alumnus, Wilburn said he is happy to support local businesses whenever possible. “You know, that’s a boost, you know, for all businesses restaurants, hotels and everything else,” said Wilburn. “It makes the town liven up.”

Worrall said Fox and Hound has already seen a 25% increase of sales. Along with more crowds, Worrall said his company values the safety of customers.

“We feel like protecting the guest is our first priority, so if we need to buy a cab for somebody to get home safely, we will.”