Spring Allergies in Full Swing

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It finally feels like spring outside, but the beautiful, breezy weather isn't necessarily a good thing for some people.

“This year has been worse than previous years, that's why I’m back doing the shots,” said Ted Anthony, a patient at Allergy Associates of the Brazos Valley.

Anthony says he's suffered from allergies for years. He thought they were getting better, but now the symptoms are back.

“Running nose, and sneezing, and having to apologize all the time for sneezing,” said Anthony.

Needless to say, he’s in good company. This is the time of year when Spring allergies tend to kick in, and experts say allergies can be particularly bad for people in the Brazos Valley.

“Right now it’s just scratchy throat, my eyes are running, I'm blowing my nose all the time,” said Maria Yandell, a Bryan resident.

Yandell says she's allergic to ragweed and grass, and she can definitely tell that Spring is here.

“If I didn't get my shots, I'd be in trouble,” said Yandell.

Dr. Barry Paull has been treating allergies for over 25 years. He says it's normal for people's allergies to act up when the season's change, but this year is a little different.

“We’re having a lot more wind, and that increases the pollen load in the air,” said Dr. Paull. “Right now, we're getting into our big Oak Tree season, which is a major tree in Bryan/College Station”

The season will officially change Wednesday, and for Dr. Paull’s patients, it looks like it could be a sneezy spring.