Security Guard Takes Down Capital Murder Suspect for Shoplifting

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas - A security guard said he was just doing his job when he took down a wanted capital murder suspect for shoplifting.

Security cameras were rolling when Anthony Johnson, 22, and his alleged accomplice began browsing a store at the West Hill Mall in Huntsville on Saturday. A few minutes later, Johnson is seen taking off on foot with about $175 worth of clothes he didn't pay for, investigators said.

Johnson didn't count on Mike Tijerina, a security guard with Professional Security. When Tijerina noticed Johnson running away, he confirmed with the store owner he left without paying, then gave chase.

Johnson made it outside to a waiting vehicle, but Tijerina had no intention of letting him get away.

"I said, you know what you did wrong, let's talk about it," said Tijerina.

Johnson decided he didn't want to go down that easily, and took off on foot.

"When he bolted, the chase was on," said Tijerina. "He ran to the far end of the parking lot and started to run in circles."

Tijerina was able to catch Johnson, and with the help of a citizen, put him in handcuffs. But Johnson decided to try his luck yet again.

"He rolled away from us and took off running towards the woods," said Tijerina.

While Tijerina was on the phone with police dispatch, he caught up with Johnson again and held him until police could arrive.

It wasn't until later when Tijerina found out Johnson was wanted for capital murder in Houston, and that he had a loaded gun in his car. Tijerina said even if he knew all that, he would have acted the same.

"I'm a citizen as well. I want my streets to be safe for my kids and my family," said Tijerina.

Johnson's alleged accomplice, Darkeis Cartwright, was also arrested by police.

In addition to his capital murder charge, Johnson was also charged with theft, possession of a stolen firearm, and public intoxication.