Serial Dorm Burglars Busted

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Police say two former Band Members of the Corps of Cadets are responsible for as many as 46 dorm room burglaries on the Texas A&M campus this year.

Texas A&M University Police say 24-year-old Jovan Martinez and his brother Eleazar Martinez are responsible for the burglaries. Eleazar is still a student at Texas A&M.

Police say almost all the burglaries took place on Aggie game days, and one took place during Aggie Muster. The burglars only hit dorms where cadets and band members live.

“Some of my buddies, their drawers were all open. Everything was kind of everywhere,” said LeAnn Tobola, a freshman member of the Corps of Cadets.

“One of my upper classmen said his boots were stolen, a TV, an Xbox,” said Laura Hoffmann, a cadet who lives in one of the burglarized dorms.

Police say the suspects burglarized 46 dorm rooms in five different buildings.

Police searched Eleazar Martinez's College Station apartment and found stolen items linking the brothers to all the Corps Dorms Burlgaries this year.

Current corps members were shocked to learn the suspects are former Aggie Band members.

“I can't believe someone would break in from the corps, because they know what it’s like. Wow,” said Tobolla.

“I think that's a disappointment on their part. Being a former corps member means you shouldn't do stuff like that. You should hold yourself to a higher standard,” said Elizabeth Wishert, Texas A&M Corps of Cadets.

Police say many items were recovered and returned to their owners, but not everything reported stolen was found.

Jovan Martinez was arrested Monday and charged with three counts of burglary of a habitation.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Eleazar Martinez. Police say he’s expected to turn himself in Thursday.