Service Dogs Denied From CS Apartment Complexes

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COLLEGE STATION- Rambo is more than a pet to Texas A&M junior Alli Bradshaw. He is a life saver. Bradshaw is a certified trainer for Patriot PAWS of Aggieland and nine week old Rambo will soon go to a veteran in need. But that training could be impacted by a no pets policy. Bradshaw said her apartment complex, Aggie Station, said Rambo must go.

"They've told me that pets are not allowed, but service dogs are not pets," Bradshaw said. "They are an extension of their veteran or trainer that needs them."

In some cases, the need is greater than we'll ever know. The Department of Veterans Affairs says, every day, 22 veterans take their own life. That is one suicide every 65 minutes.

"I feel like if I could get a dog myself to train I would be able to save one more life," Bradshaw said. "It really just makes me sad."

The law may put some more teeth in Bradshaw's argument. A local attorney we spoke with says the dogs should be allowed under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

"You know, I was speechless because I felt like you were disrespecting our veterans," said AJ Blanchette with Patriot PAWS of Rockwall. She said she can't believe this is an issue, especially in Aggieland.

"This is a veterans based community," Blanchette said. "Why would you not be supportive of something as patriotic as training a service dog for a disabled service person?"

Neither Aggie Station, nor the other complex, The Cambridge, would comment.

For now, Bradshaw and the other trainers are pleading with the complexes to understand. They're also writing letters to the VA hoping to continue training man's best friend to help men and women who sacrificed so much for their country.