Settlement Reached in 'Night of Mayhem' Hit and Run Case

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BRAZOS COUNTY - Documents show a formal settlement has been reached in a lawsuit stemming from a 2011 crash.

The driver, Austin Hasten, reportedly admitted to being under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms during a series of hit and run crashes. Two people in a car Hasten hit have been awarded a $450,000 settlement for injuries they received from being rear-ended. Both underwent costly treatment for back and neck injuries from the accident in December 2011.

Police say Hasten - 21 at the time - was also involved in another hit and run crash that night -finally crashing his Dodge Ram Pickup into the West University Gardens Apartments on Villa Maria Road.

Earlier this month, KLBK reported Hasten also pleaded guilty in an unrelated murder case in Lubbock. He was charged with murdering a neighbor in January of 2013 then setting her home on fire. Eyewitnesses said Hasten walked up to the scene appearing intoxicated and with blood on his hands, then attacked a police officer - trying to steal his gun.

He has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the crimes.