Several ATV's Reported Stolen in Brazos County

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All-terrain vehicles have been reported stolen from several locations across Brazos and Grimes County recently, and one of the thefts happened in College Station.

Abby Petroski, a College Station resident, says her 2012 Can Am Commander 1000 ATV was stolen from her driveway on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Petroski says she left the ATV locked to a trailer in her driveway, and the trailer was resting on a wood block.

Petroski found out the ATV was missing when her neighbor, Travis Blythe, stopped by to wash the 4-wheeler.

“I walked down here and the block was still here, so I knew something was up,” said Blythe.

There are still mud and tire marks on the driveway where the 4-wheeler was parked.

Abby Petroski says they got the Can Am Commander just six months ago and it’s worth more than $15,000.

“It’s definitely not stock. Between the lift, tires, the trailer itself has some imperfections. It’s definitely one of a kind,” said Blythe.

“It’s very distinct and very big,” said Petroski. “I don't get how it hasn't been seen somewhere.”

People have reported several stolen ATVs from houses and ranches in the Brazos County area lately, and sheriff’s deputies say it’s unclear if the crimes are related.

Petroski says the theft makes her feel violated and angry.

“Leave it in a parking lot or a field and submit and anonymous tip. Just give it back. We won't come after you anymore if you just turn it back into us and let us enjoy what we've always loved doing,” said Petroski.

Petroski is offering a cash reward if the 4-wheeler is returned in good condition.

Anyone with information about the other ATV thefts is asked to call police.

Description of stolen ATV:

“Our Can Am Commander 1000 and trailer were both stolen from our driveway on Monday night/Tuesday morning, 1/15/2013 between the hours of 12:00am-8:00am. The ATV was on top of our flat-bed trailer which was locked with a trailer hitch lock. The ATV is colored Camouflage but was VERY muddy at the time. It has 29.5 Outlaw tires and now has rims that have an Orange circle around them called CrushLoks. There was a Black Yeti Coolers sticker on the back tailgate of the Commander as well as a Black ATM sticker. In the bed of the ATV, there was a red, portable gas can bolted down…it may or may not still be there. Underneath the tailgate is a distinct, silver stainless cover over the lower tailgate. The trailer is a home-made with black metal sides and a black toolbox in front near the hitch. The Texas license plate is 013710H and was located sideways on the driver’s side wheel. It is a double-axle trailer and the license plate glows VERY bright by two LED lights. PLEASE let us know if you have any information on the Commander and/or trailer or have seen it around town. It was stolen from our driveway in the Wolf Pen Creek area near Texas Avenue in College Station. We will REWARD anyone who finds our stolen things!!”