Several Cities, Including Bryan, Have Reports of Similar Scam

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There are many scams out there, but with technology and social media, your information is on the web for the taking. Although this scam is not new, it has evolved. We recently had a few victims that reported being called by an official of a foreign government. The official will tell you that they pulled over a vehicle and found narcotics or other illegal activity. The official will then assure you that your family member or friend was not involved but is being held by their government. The official will then request you send money by MoneyGram for the release of your family member or friend.

In some cases they have had personal information such as names and relationship to each other. In one instance they knew the family member was at a wedding. It is unknown how they obtained this personal information but the internet or recent security breaches could be a contributing factor.

We encourage anyone who receives a call such as this to never send money without verifying the information.

If you have become victimized and sent money please make a report with your local police agency.

The City of Conroe, Sugarland PD, and Missouri City have had similar reports over the past year.