Several Exits to Close for Construction along Highway 6

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On Tuesday, April 15, 2014, beginning at 830am, the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) contractor will close two SH 6 northbound ramps and a northbound frontage road lane between SH 30 (Harvey Rd.) and FM 60 (University Dr.).

The SH 6 northbound exit ramp to FM 60 will be closed and traffic wanting to access FM 60 will be detoured to the SH 30 exit ramp. Additionally, the SH 6 northbound entrance ramp will be closed and traffic wanting to enter SH 6 will have to use the next entrance ramp. These ramp closures allow the contractor to remove the existing ramps and construct new ramps.

The left lane of the SH 6 northbound frontage road will also be closed leaving one lane of traffic between SH 30 and FM 60. This closure will allow the contractor to begin roadway widening operations for a future auxiliary lane between the two new ramps.

Along with these closures, a construction speed zone will be in place. The speed limit will be reduced to 60 mph within the work area for the SH 6 northbound traffic only. As a reminder to motorists, this speed limit will be enforced.

These closures and speed zone are expected to be in place for approximately three months. This work is part of the $9.6 million dollar SH 6 Ramps Project contracted to Big Creek Construction. The project is scheduled to be completed by Spring of 2015.

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