Severe Weather Awareness

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Severe weather could happen anywhere, at any time. Even though the Oklahoma tornado outbreak was forecasted days in advance, and warning lead times for the tornado outbreak averaged nearly 20 minutes, there were still many people in the impacted areas that stated they were unprepared.

Being prepared and acting quickly could be a matter of survival. This is critical during the threat of severe weather. Severe weather comes in many forms and your emergency plan should include all types of local hazards. Last year alone there were 65 reported tornadoes in the State of Texas, 651 reports of hail and 694 reports of wind damage.

This year the National Weather Service is asking all of us to "Be a Force of Nature". This means being prepared for whatever is headed our way.

One of the main ways to prepare yourself is to have an emergency plan. Have a safe place in your home that everyone knows the location. The safe area if your home in a severe weather event will be a room in the center of your house on the fist floor with no windows.

Something else that will help you become a "force of nature" is an emergency kit. All of these items are a great addition to the kit but some of the main items you should have on stand by are extra water, flashlight,battery powered or hand crank radio and non perishable food.

A weather radio is also something that could help immensely. The radio will go off when a warning is issued in your area. This will allow for extra time to take action. If you do not have a weather radio there are an assortment of phone apps that you can download that do the same thing.

The KBTX app has the interactive radar so you are able to track whats heading our way and the Tornado Warning and Alert App by America Red Cross will notify you if a tornado warning has been issued for your area.

Technology has immensely improved the amount of time allotted for weather preparedness. For up to date information during a severe weather event stop by Our twitter feed is directly linked to the weather page so you will have real time updates as the weather event progresses. We want to do as much as possible to make sure you and your'e family are safe.

By just taking these small steps you are taking action in becoming better prepared in the event of a weather are becoming "A Force of Nature"