Sex Offender Polygraph Policy Changes

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Brazos County adult probation officers have made a significant change in how they monitor sex offenders. They're now requiring multiple lie detector tests every year from these offenders on probation.

“In the past, we were probably doing them closer to a year apart. After going to some training recently and reviewing the current literature, it recommended 6 months, so that's what we've changed,” said Director of the Adult Probation Office in Brazos County.

Sexual predators are required to follow certain rules in order to live in the community. In Brazos County, that includes registering, getting treatment, and taking polygraph tests.

There are about 50 sexual predators here in Brazos County. Officials say they vast majority are required to take polygraph tests as part of their probation.

“We're trying to determine if they have been violating the condition of probation by engaging in behaviors, or looking at pornography, or doing something they shouldn't be doing based on the conditions of their offense,” said McGuire

{John McGuire/Brazos County Adult Probation Director} We're doing the best that we can to protect the general public from sexual predators.

A polygraph test is usually costs $300-$600.

“The defendants are required to pay for it. If someone is indigent then we will find the money to pay for it. That's not going to prevent us from following court orders,” said McGuire.

The end result could be jail time if a sex offender fails the test and officials learn they've violated the terms of their probation. But the end goal is to keep parks like this safe for children in our community.