Sex Offenders Back in Jail for Non-Compliance in Washington County

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Federal, state and local law enforcement officials are continuing to increase their efforts to track down sex offenders who are falling through the cracks.

John Michael Enard is just one of 2200 un-registered sex offenders in the state. How many more out there are like him? How can this be stopped?

They live all around us; and the numbers continue growing…

'Sex offenders won't typically change their address with the counties they reside in when they move from place to place,” said Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak.

According to the Department of Public Safety, there are currently 70,000 registered sex offenders live in the state of Texas; 59 sex offenders are currently living in Washington County.

According to Sheriff Otto Hanak, keeping track of sex offenders is perhaps one of the most tedious tasks of all.

'It's time consuming and stressful at some points, but as long as you have an employee who is focused, like with any job, they're going to get it done," explained Hanak. "o it's our job and our focus to make sure if there is any movement that we know where that movement is."

Each month Sheriff Hanak and his men hunt the violaters down.

“if they're unregistered and our compliance investigators are aware of that then it's simple; we find them, we arrest them and place them in our jail and we have plenty of room for non-compliance sex offenders," said Sheriff Hanak.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is required to monitor the actions of sex offenders living inside the county. But when some decide to break the law....

“We will show up day or night, weekends, holidays and we will make sure they are fulfilling those requirements of residency and they are not causing trouble,” added Hanak.

Last week, undercover agents with the Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division joined forces with the Washington County Sheriff's Office in an effort to locate any and all un-registered sex offenders living inside the county.

In one day four men were consequently apprehended; and according to DPS, some even put up a fight.

"The fighting, the resisting and so forth; that is a bad sign of the person that we're after when they flee or resist arrest," Hanak said.

Sources say Michael Walker was arrested while off the clock at his job at Church's Chicken; Pete Martinez was apprehended at his mom's house on Wyandotte Lane; and Kasey Burton was arrested at the Sheriff's Office.

"There are no excuses and no exceptions related to non-compliance related to these sex predators," Sheriff Hanak said.

Failing to register as a sex offender is a felony and could send violators back to prison. If you want to know whether any sex offenders live in your neighborhood, you can find a few links, including the DPS Sex Offender Registry links below.

According to the Attorney General's office, 881 unregistered sex offenders have been arrested as part of what Texas DPS calls Operation Missing Predator.