Sheriff: Theft-Ring Suspect Posts Incriminating Picture on Facebook

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Crooks that turn to Facebook are making life much easier for investigators. Incriminating Facebook posts may have led authorities to the arrest of a College Station Man involved in a multi-county theft ring.

After a year of running and recycling crimes with the same motive; authorities say it was only a matter of time until the suspects luck ran out. So far authorities have arrested Aaron Keith Cannon, Jordan Davis Cook, Cory Middleton, Rodney Welch, Dennis Curry, and Logan McMann; and have issued warrants for Paden Earp.

After weeks of interrogation behind bars; authorities have been successful in recovering a significant number of stolen properties in Brazos, Madison, Grimes and Robertson Counties.

“These people operate by nick names, street names, no names, first names, so trying to find John in Oklahoma is like finding a needle in a hay stack,” said Madison County Sheriff Travis Neeley.

But when some of the suspects turn to the web; bragging about the alleged criminal activity; it certainly makes finding and locating the criminals that much easier.

“He's obviously trying to play a little flaunting and cat and mouse game,” Neeley added.

Madison County Sheriff's Investigators have been zeroing in on Logan McMann since the arrest of a suspect he claims is his best-friend: Cory Middleton. We gained access to McMann's private Facebook page, and found incriminating postings and even pictures of him riding what authorities say are stolen 4-wheelers.

“This criminal activity is a little more serious than they might think and if you talk to the victims of this theft, I don't think they appreciate it at all,” Neeley said.

On February 10th, just two days before warrants were issued for his arrest, McMann checked in to The Enclave apartments in College Station. McMann had second thoughts about his check-in. The post was deleted 48-hours later.

“Imagine that,” laughed Neeley.

According to McMann’s Facebook page, after a trip to Galveston with his buddies; he'd soon learn this alleged game was over.

“I think now that as he sits in the Brazos County jail, it's not that funny, so don't be too quick to laugh,” said Neeley. “I encourage these individuals to flaunt it in front of a jury when it's trial time.”

McMann was arrested in Brazos County just before midnight on Valentine’s Day.

Neeley says the incriminating Facebook postings and pictures can be used against McMann in court.