Sheriff's Office Investigates Break In at First State Bank of Bedias in Kurten

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BRAZOS COUNTY Brazos County Sheriff's Investigators need your help finding a group of thieves who burglarized a Kurten bank early Tuesday morning and got away with some cash.

But luckily they didn't get very far, stopping short of any major money.

News 3 looks into why investigators say this is a very unusual crime.

Brazos County Sheriff's Investigators combed a scene for evidence after a very rare crime.

A group of men was caught on camera breaking into the back of the Kurten Branch of the First State Bank of Bedias around 2 A.M. Tuesday on Highway 21.

"It appears that they were somehow able to disable the alarm system and then basically jimmy the back door and got into the facility," said Brazos County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jim Stewart.

Stewart says while the men didn't gain access to the vaults or safes, they stole about $100 in petty cash and caused thousand of dollars in damage inside the modular building trying to get to more money.

"it's not a substantial building by any stretch so they were able to break in, but fortunately they had enough security or the vaults themselves were secure enough where they couldn't get in nor remove them from the facility," he added.

No one was here when the burglary happened. Investigators spent much of the morning looking for footprints in the parking lot and grass.

"If any of your viewers out there habitually travel Highway 21 out east, if they saw anything unusual. We'd really appreciate a phone call either to to us or Crimestoppers," Stewart said.

The bank is closed for now so that repairs can be made.

The damage was discovered by a bank employee around 6:45 Tuesday morning.

The Brazos County Sheriff's Office has not released yet the total number of people involved.

A further description of what the suspects looked like has not been released yet.

If you have information on this case you can call Brazos County Crimestoppers at (979) 775-TIPS (8477).

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Investigators with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office are looking into a break-in at the First State Bank of Bedias in Kurten Tuesday morning.

According to officials, the bank was broken in to overnight. The alleged burglars didn't gain access to a secure area. Investigators are trying to determine if anything else was taken.

The bank is located in the Kurten Banking Center on Highway 21 in Brazos County.