Shirley Eaton: Retired Teacher Still a Shining Light in Bryan Schools

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Bryan - Shirley Eaton has been a part of the Bryan school system her entire life and through out that time has touched the lives of many others.

For more than 30 years Eaton has been a shining light in the Bryan School District.

The long time music teacher has taught at 7 different elementary schools in Bryan and now in her retirement she can still be seen and heard in the halls of Kemp Elementary.

"This is where I went to school and I love it and I just enjoy coming over to Kemp and helping the students," Eaton said.

Eaton is known for her volunteer work around Kemp Elementary and it's not necessarily her hands that do the helping, but rather her voice.

"I wanted to be able to help them and I taught them a lot of songs, because music is a part of the regular language also. I just thought things they would come in contact with in the community they could relate to through singing."

As the Bryan community continues to change over time Eaton is certain music's influence on young people will always be the same.

"It's a universal language weather you're singing in Spanish or English whatever language. It does something for you. It seems to brighten them up and make them feel better."

Over the years as an educator Ms. Eaton has made many memories, but what makes her feel truly special is run-ins with former students that remember her.

"I must have left a lasting impression on them for them to remember me. That makes me happy to know that I did touch somebodies life and they remember me," said Eaton.

Although she is officially retired, Mrs. Eaton says her service to the community will not be ending any time soon.

"Its just a good feeling to know that I'm able to go and still do this. I'm still a teenager at heart and I enjoy it. And as long as my health will allow me to move around I plan to continue."