Shoplifters Caught on Camera at Mule Barn

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College Station, TX A local business owner is hoping police will round up a pair of accused boot thieves.

Police say they walked into the Mule Barn at Post Oak Mall and walked out wearing new pairs they didn't pay for.

There is jewelry, hats and boots, plenty to choose from at the Mule Barn, a southern country and western boutique inside the post oak mall. But instead of making a purchase, some customers sidestep the register.

Owner of Mule Barn, Nancy Gilmore says every 30-60 days they actually catch someone shoplifting.

Gilmore installed security cameras and posted signs warning shoppers. But she says not even that stopped theses two men from shoplifting.

Gilmore says, they came in just like normal customers and were shopping and interacting with the sales help here."

In the surveillance video, Gilmore and College Station Police can see the men trying on boots.

After that, Gilmore says the suspects must have decided it would be easy to put on a pair of our boots and hide their boots on the shelf, which they proceeded to do.

What the sales staff didn't know is that one of them had a gun in his old boot which he switched to his new pair.

Gilmore is hoping police will catch these guys so she can send them a message.

"I am not going to tolerate people coming in and stealing from me, I can not afford for them too we are going to be very vigilant and we will prosecute them to the letter of the law," says Gilmore.

She says she will press charges in hopes to make others think twice before shop lifting.

The third suspect is not believe to have taken any boots, but could be charged with being an accessory to the crime

College Station Police asks if you know anything or recognize the suspects, to please call them with any information.