'Shred Day' Offers Protection From Identity Theft

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Spring cleaning can protect you from identity theft. That what Aggieland Credit Union is trying to do with the help of Brazos Record Storage.

Dozens of people brought in their documents to be disposed of in the safest way.

"You need to stay very vigilant in terms of your documents that have anything such as your bank numbers, account numbers and credit cards," said Aggieland Credit Union Vice President Jason Goodman.

Goodman helped organize the local 'Shred Day.' It's a way to dispose of old papers, instead of throwing them in the trash. The trash, according to Goodman, is targeted by crooks.

"We strongly suggest that any important documentation that has information be destroyed," Goodman said.

No shredding was done on site. Thousands of documents were transported offsite to be shredded in a private, secure location.