Six Counties Now Involved in Theft Ring, Two Arrested Friday

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Law enforcement officers are in the process of breaking up two separate theft rings that span more than six counties in our area. It's an operation investigators say targets ATV's and four wheelers, and Brazos County is on the list.

Authorities say it all began three weeks ago…

“We got the lead here which led to Waller County and subsequently recovered about $100,000 in stolen property,” said Madison County Sheriff Travis Neeley.

Warrants have been issued for Rodney Welch out of Madison County. Authorities say he's a former employee of Centex Supply in Madisonville. He's just one of many who authorities believe is behind a theft ring out of Waller and Madison County. Welch is accused of breaking into Centex after hours and stealing a white dodge Pickup truck about three weeks ago.

Authorities say Dennis Curry, a North Zulch resident; was arrested in the Waller County town of Hempstead for allegedly stealing a Dodge pick-up truck on January 10th. Curry's arrest subsequently led police to a vacant property in Hempstead police say was being used as a chop shop. That theft ring involving Curry subsequently led authorities to a string of other thefts involving Grimes, Montgomery, Brazos, Waller, Madison and now, Houston Counties.

Neeley says investigators working on the case have developed leads to a separate theft ring targeting trailers, ATV's and four-wheelers.

Neeley | What these guys seem to be doing is spending most of their time in the day driving around locating targets and at nighttime they go back and hit them.

Friday, five, four-wheelers along with a number of other stolen property were recovered near Anderson in Grimes County.

“Two belonged to Grimes County; one from Brazos County and another from Madison County,” said Neeley.

Jordan Cook of Bedias and Aaron Keith Cannon of Anderson were arrested in connection to the theft ring. According to his criminal record, Aaron Keith Cannon was arrested for theft in Bryan in 2010.

"All together it's close to 150,000 now between the two and hopefully more recoveries can be made this week,” said Neeley.

Investigators in Madison and Grimes County say several ATV's and other stolen property was recovered in Crockett early Monday afternoon.

More arrests are expected to be made. A $10,000 rewards is also being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of a theft of ATV's and a generator on Lone Star Road two weeks ago.