Skate Parks Approved for Bryan

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BRYAN - A pair of new skate parks are set to be built in Bryan.

The city council has approved a contract with Seattle-based Grindline Skateparks to build two facilities for no more than $1.2 million.

The design process is set to begin next month. During that time, officials with the city and Grindline will determine where the parks will be located, and public hearings will be held.

Construction is slated to start in September and be done by April.

College Station has one such newer facility, G. Hysmith Skate Park, which opened in 2011.

Bryan city officials say they first started exploring bringing a park to the city this past fall because of aging current facilities, and a committee was formed in November.

Officials are hopeful skaters from the region, state and country will come to the new parks for events.