Sleet and Snow Flurries Fall In Brazos Valley Creating Problems

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BRYAN, Texas The snow and sleet made for some slick streets Thursday night along Highway 6 as drivers had to adjust to the conditions.

Ice began forming, especially on bridges and overpasses, and TxDOT began sanding operations.

Around 10 P.M. some snow was falling in College Station.

TxDOT has been sanding bridges and overpasses all over the region and are reporting the biggest problems with ice on bridges in Roberston, Milam, Freestone, and Burleson Counties as of 10 P.M.

News 3 saw lots of sleet and some snow flurries at the Big Gas Chevron Gas Station on Highway 6 at F-M 2818 in North Bryan.

North of there along OSR and towards Calvert there were reports about several accidents including a rollover.

While the snow and sleet quickly washed away in north Bryan earlier in the evening it caused a close call for at least one driver we spoke with.

'You we're going about 30 just to be safe?' asked News 3's Clay Falls.

"Yes sir I started sliding to the right a little bit and corrected myself thank God and we made it here just fine," said Hayden Maurer of Caldwell.

"It's definitely nasty out there the roads are slick and there's a lot of spots to hydroplane on so everybody definitely needs to be careful," said Lenny White of College Station.

Good advice for everyone as News 3 also had to slow down too driving back to the station when we felt our news car slip some at stop sign at OSR and Highway 6.

Thursday night and in the morning you still need to watch out for icy patches, particularly on bridges and overpasses that don't see much traffic.

So far no weather-related accidents in College Station, but TxDOT is pre-treating overpasses and bridges in Brazos County.

They also have crews in Washington and Grimes Counties as precautionary measures.