Small Electrical Fire Causes Evacuation at Merrill Lynch Office

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COLLEGE STATION A small electrical fire caused a brief evacuation at an office building in College Station Friday morning.

Around 9:30 a.m., employees said they hear a popping sound from the receptionists desk. Mark Bayliss, Senior Vice President with Merrill Lynch, said that smoke started to pour out from beneath the desk. He said the plug started to spark. That's when he got the fire extinguisher. Mark Bayliss, Senior Vice President, said the fire wouldn't go out after repeatedly hitting it with the extinguisher. He said it was a good thing there were people at work.

"I think we were very, very fortunate," said Bayliss. "Had that happened over the weekend, we'd have had a major fire because it was an interior wall and would have taken quite a while for someone to notice that there was a fire," he continued.

College Station firefighters pulled some sheet rock off the wall and put the fire out. They also inspected to make sure there was no further damage.

Bayliss said he expected the office to be back to normal within a few hours.