Landing Gear Collapses As Plane Lands At Easterwood

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A single engine Cessna 152 plane has crashed at Easterwood Airport while it was landing.

The plane took off from Central Texas Regional Airport in Temple earlier this afternoon, making touch and go landings across the country. Around 2:30 this afternoon, the plane attempted to land at Easterwood Airport. The nose gear collapsed, which caused the plane to crash land.

The pilot was a student pilot from Central Texas Flight Training School in Harker Heights and was not injured. Nobody else was on board the plane. Easterwood's Director of Aviation said that type of plane is typically used for training.

"He was pretty shook up after that experience," said Director John Happ. "We can always fix an airplane, but it's pretty tough to fix somebody who gets hurt."

No flights were delayed as a result as a crash.

Lynn Lynsford with the Federal Aviation Administration says, "The incident is under investigation and the FAA will have no further comments until a final crash review is made public."