Snook Residents Pause For Burleson County Deputy's Funeral Procession

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SNOOK, Texas Burleson County Sheriff's Deputy Sergeant Investigator Adam Sowders was laid to rest Friday.

From the funeral service at the church, friends, family and first responders headed west to Somerville with a miles-long procession down F-M 60.

News 3 was along the route in Snook, where members of the community stood by the road out of respect.

The sounds of police sirens and flashing lights were hard to miss as the body of Deputy Sergeant Investigator Adam Sowders returned home to Burleson County.

The job today for these police officers, firefighters and first responders was to escort their fallen friend to Somerville for his burial.

Residents like Kimberly Wheeler who's called Snook home since Kindergarten, took time out from work at Slovacek's to pay respects.

"You know I have a dad that was in law enforcement in Grimes County and then he ended up being in border patrol in Arizona, New Mexico, retired from that. And now he's a state cop in New Mexico and now I have a brother that's a Navy Cop," said Wheeler.

The procession of at least 200 vehicles went from College Station to Somerville as bystanders held their hands over their hearts.

"It's just gonna take time, the town's gonna recover, everybody will recover no matter the situation so I just think we need a lot of support...
I don't think it matters if you knew him personally I think it just, we need to respect him," added Kimberly Wheeler.

Paying respect for a lawman who died doing his job.

And a reminder for all of us just how dangerous that job can be.