Snook Volunteer Fire Chief & Alleged Girlfriend Accused of Embezzlement

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The Snook Volunteer Fire Chief and his alleged girlfriend have been arrested and charged with embezzling money from the department.

The investigation began nine months ago after the department's yearly audit. A trail of transactions of so far -- at least 2-thousand dollars were traced back to the chief and the secretary treasurer. Investigators say Michael Anderson and his reported girlfriend; Stormy Guffee used the department’s fuel card dozens of times throughout Burleson County, including Deanville and Caldwell in the past year. Both also allegedly admitted to paying a personal bill through the department's bank account, which they said they'd pay back.

A fire spokesman says the two originally told their co-workers they were filling up gas cans, but he says the investigation proved otherwise. And that spokesman says he's shocked a member of the department for nearly 10 years would do such a thing.

"I was very surprised because the year prior to that they were the ones that came forward and said maybe we should get our books audited every year to where we could find out if anything was missing or being mis-used or whatever," said Bubba Sebesta. "And for them to be the ones actually doing it really shocked me."

Both were arrested on August 28th and have since bonded out of jail. More charges could be expected as the investigation continues.