Snook Volunteer Firefighter Battles Own House Fire, Loses Everything

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Losing your home to a fire is already devastating as it is -- but imagine being a firefighter and having to fight the fire that's engulfing your very own home. That's exactly what happened to a Snook Volunteer Firefighter this weekend; and the 30-year-old is left with nothing.

A few scorched pages from the book of James flailing in the wind, along with what some might consider motivational scripture are just about the only things left peeking through the rubble.

“My sister called me about 10:30, 11 o’clock,” said Snook Volunteer Firefighter Antonio Perez.

Antonio Perez got a call Sunday morning just moments after leaving his home for Church.

“She [sister] called me and told me my house was on fire,” said Perez.

His home located at the 590 block of Palmer Street in Clay was fully engulfed by the time he along with a group of fellow volunteer firefighters got back to the house; Perez said there wasn't much he could do.

“When we got to the top of the hill with the fire truck, all we could see was flames I mean the whole house was gone,” Perez said. “They started putting water on it and there just wasn't much you could save.”

Perez is a full time ranch-hand and has also been a volunteer firefighter at the Snook fire department. He says his first instinct was to try and fight the flames. But the fire won; and left the 30-year-old with nothing but the clothes on his back.

"Sitting in that truck and watching my own house burn, man, a lot of things go through your mind,” said Perez.

Perez says he's still in good spirits and says his faith is providing strength to start over again.

“All you can do is rebuild,” he said.

Perez says Red Cross came out that day to provide assistance. Friends and family members have donated clothes and a place to sleep until he can get back on his feet.

“Start my life back over and rebuild because everything else is gone,” said Perez.

Although the fire is still under investigation, it's believed it may have been electrical-related that started in the master bedroom.

Antonio’s aunt has given him another mobile home, however he needs assistance moving it from Bryan to Clay. If you know anyone who might be able to help him move the trailer, you are asked to call: 979-571-0183.

Friends of Antonio are asking anyone that might have furniture or household necessities to donate to please call the number listed above.